Known for their creativity and artistic skills, Filipino graphic designers are scattered around the world, and their works are found in every corner, may it be magazine, billboards, and business collateral. Graphic Design in the Philippines is a mature industry with a lot of experienced graphic designers working locally and abroad.

Filipino Animators are also relied upon by companies in the U.S., Europe, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong and other industrialized regions for their talent in creating superb animation. Notable Philippine animators are behind some Hollywood animation movie blockbusters.

iConcept Philippines has partnership with some companies in the U.K. and Australia for video advert services, audio visual presentation and 3D motion graphics development.



The logo is an important element of businesses, giving your company a unique image that no other marketing materials can provide. Serving as a constant reminder to your clients of your branding and contributes to visibility and credibility of your business, it should convey the qualities of your company effectively.

Choosing us, iConcept, as your partner in building your identity ensures that your logo will carry your corporate image through stunning visuals that your clients will surely remember.


Failure in business collateral and marketing materials will only result to failure in sales. These materials should speak for your business and create the best impression to your clients, removing any hesitation that they have regarding the credibility of your company.

In creating your business collateral graphic design, you should remember that in the mind of your consumers, competition is for the top spot, and that is what every graphic artist in iConcept has in mind.