One good truth about SEO services and outsourcing firms in the Philippines is that there are a lot of SEO focused companies here that promote only ethical or white hat SEO techniques. While the world is plagued with a lot of bogus SEO firms that do not deliver good results, Filipino SEO experts keep themselves abreast with the most recent Search Engine algorithms. This is more obvious today because of a good number of SEO freelancers, communities and groups who regularly set-up conferences, meet-ups and get together to up-to-date SEO information. SEO experts in the Philippines gather regularly and actively participate in regulating SEO industry in the country.

With iConcept, you are well taken care of by an entire team of SEO experts focused only on Digital Marketing, SEO and SMM Services. We call this department Online Presence Management Department (OPMD). This group is behind the success of our brand iConcept-SEO which has gained the reputation of one of the leading SEO groups in the country today. iConcept-SEO has run campaigns for top brands and companies in the Philippines and abroad including Executive Optical (EO), Far Eastern University (FEU), Eagle Cement, GoHotels, and a lot of other leading brands. Many of these companies have benefited from SEO with an exponential increase in organic search engine traffic that translate into leads, ultimately increasing the company’s sales threefold.

At iConcept SEO Philippines, you are assured of 100% transparency. Our customers are informed of what to expect before signing a contract with us. Our guaranteed SEO policies and guidelines are published at:


Guaranteed SEO from iConcept Philippines

Having a website alone cannot guarantee the success of your business online. If your potential customers have a limited way of knowing that your website exists, no matter how state-of-the-art or award winning your site is, it will all be useless. That’s where SEO comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website through keywords and link building that make it easier for various search engines to discover, analyze and index the pages of your website.

When your business is in the first page results of search engines using particular keywords, it doesn’t just increase the site traffic, but also directs the right people to your website who are looking for the services that you offer.

Each online business needs a different approach to be optimized, and our SEO service can provide the most effective solution.


Social Media Management or Social Media Marketing (SMM Philippines)

Fueled by the same goal of increasing brand awareness, iConcept maximizes the potential of social media such as RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, and of course, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Google’s Matt Cutt confirmed that Google uses Facebook and Twitter links in Web Search rankings. Moreover, Google noted that the reputation of the author on the said social networking sites are very important considerations. iConcept provides a team to help you conceptualize strategies and bring them to life so your pages get seen, liked, and shared.


Content Writing

Content is KING; it is an important element of internet marketing, specially SEO. Your website visitors’ experience extends beyond carefully-arranged words and an aesthetically pleasing design template. Their experience of your website is a look into your business’ soul, an overall impression of you as they interact with your product and service profiles. Good website contents involve catchy titles, a user-friendly interface, well-phrased articles, and effective marketing strategies that trigger psychological cues in consumers, telling them to buy your products or services.

Without it, the good news about your products won’t get straight to the target audience. At iConcept, we put premium to creating contents that are entertaining and at the same time informative.


Proofing and Editing

Grammar brings communication to the next level. In presenting your product and service offerings, it is imperative that you try to present the descriptions in a near to perfection manner.  With the abundance of brands published on the web, visitors ought to be meticulous in choosing the perfect provider.  Would you entrust your brand to someone who doesn’t seem to employ keen attention to details?

iConcept has a pool of prolific writers to make sure that the write-ups to be used on your company’s digital marketing medium serve their purpose.  That is, to present your brand in the best possible way on the online world.


Content Moderation

The online world provides a lot of good opportunities for brands who choose to establish an online presence.  However, it also provides a challenge for those who have little or no protection.  Forget about monitoring your brand on all of its online accounts and you leave it open to several abuses.

To help you gear up for your aggressive marketing strategies, iConcept offers you content moderation services. This functions as the checker of write-ups about your company and your brand. Whether on your website, social media accounts or on other unscrupulous blogs which may be published by your competitors or an unsatisfied customer, you better have your brand protected.  With the advent of several legislation aimed at keeping the Internet clean and free from abuses, you better have a team to monitor the effectiveness and safeness of your company communications.


On-Page Optimization

A website might look good to end-users but it might not strike search engines as appealing—that’s where on-page optimization comes in. We give recommendation and implement modifications to your meta descriptions, website content keyword integration and density, and Google analytics deployment among others to improve loading times, user experience, & search engine algorithm adherence.

Off Page Optimization

Our team works night and day to create and distribute content, commentary, and links to improve your online credibility through organic, target specific, white-hat search engine optimization methods.

Google Display Network

This is especially effective to new brands that are just beginning to penetrate the online market or niche businesses that have seasonal demands. We’ll help you set up your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or even create a remarketing campaign for you from scratch!

Reports & Recommendations

You will get the comprehensive report about all the relevant data involved in your campaign, theoretical and practical interpretation and data analysis, and recommendations and actions plans.