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In 2007, iConcept used to be just the IT arm of its now sister company, iBrains it was managed by only a handful of individuals who had a vision of creating an IT brand so big, it basically spanned all internet services.

By 2009, the then department has become an independent company that caters to web based digital products like web design & development. The scope of the company’s capability only increased through the years to include old business related services like graphic designs for brand and marketing collaterals to fairly recent offerings like Search Engine Optimization.

Today, iConcept Global Advertising, Inc is a one-stop digital products and services shop in the Philippines, offering website design & development, mobile apps development, graphic design & motion graphics, SEO, search engine marketing, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing and other marketing and online advertising products.

Spanning services across multiple platforms for almost any digital advertising & marketing needs, iConcept plans to press on and remain as one of the Philippines' forerunners in making the best the internet has to offer even better. Read More

Welcome to iConcept Global Advertising Inc., where you can find a full range of online digital marketing solutions to help your organization achieve its ultimate goals. In the last five years, we have established the reputation of being one of the leading web design company in the Philippines. iConcept’s Web Design services in the Philippines is trusted by fortune 1000 companies and we have the reputation of building the websites of some of the country’s notable institutions, government agencies, universities and companies with international presence.

Web design and development packages, business identity, cloud web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, graphic design, mobile application, iOS & Android development, Social Media Management—we got them all covered! Explore our website and you will find a roster of prominent clients who have started reaping the fruits of our concerted efforts.

More than providing the websites and mobile apps conceived by our clients and beautifully executed by our dynamic team, we help our customers in promoting their brand online through various digital marketing methodologies. We make sure that you deserve nothing but the best results is part and parcel of our commitment to making the best even better!

The Company’s credibility and your ability to achieve your digital marketing goals rest almost entirely on the campaign strategy, website design, & social media assets. A good digital marketing company is one who has a broad understanding about how all of these works together to achieve that one single goal of building your brand or company’s reputation online.

We at iConcept work hand-in-hand with you armed with these components in mind:

  • A comprehensive marketing plan and result focused goals. At iConcept, you are not alone. Together, we plan the customization of your website, social media integration, search engine and social media marketing to make that they are coherently welded together to send a clear marketing message.
  • Original ideas, themes and messaging that will set you apart from your competitors. At iConcept, you are guaranteed of originality. We present you with invigorating ideas and stimulating designs born from novelty and innovation.
  • An outsourced digital marketing team that can align visual appeal with tangible sales conversion goals. At iConcept, you are confident of well-versed technical people who are passionate about the job. We have the best web designers that are trained not just in using software tools but also knowledgeable in the marketing value of the website’s output.

Our SEO-friendly web design packages will enable targeted customers to find your website online. At iConcept, you are assured of the quality output. We develop website with designs which are search engine friendly, aimed at easy search of the website by customers.

  • Effective online marketing strategies infused into the web design to promote your services/products and attract prospects. At iConcept, you are offered with the service you deserve. We render highly-effective online marketing and advertising strategies tailored-fit on the nature of your business and the services and products you offer.

Because time has been an invaluable aspect of business, having a team capable of attending all your online presence needs is a must. Making your website searchable is another challenge. Good thing, there is iConcept-SEO, your personal brand of marketing ammo.

Client's Corner

“iConcept has provided us with their efficient and reliable service in website development and management. They have capably and dependably met our various web-related needs and requirements. The team is flexible and approachable when it comes to our urgent requests, able to deliver at short notice. To top it all off, they have excellent account servicing with a solutions-oriented approach. We are very confident to recommend them to our future clients and we look forward to a continual relationship with iConcept.”


Senior Account Manager

“Working with iConcept brought wonderful improvements in our positioning in the digital world. With their efficient staff and extraordinary service, we have achieved more than what we have aimed for.”


Marketing Communication Officer
Festival Mall | Westgate Center

“I find the whole team of Iconcept to be very professional and knowledgeable and easy to work with. The team has provided prompt service and in times of urgent requests, even outside the working hours they have been ready and willing to assist and meet these requirements.”


Management Information Systems Department

“iConcept has been very helpful for the past year in meeting our digital KPIs.
Since the onset of the partnership, they have been very responsive and flexible enough to assist us on anything that we need. Cheers!.”


Senior Manager for Marketing

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