We know Startups because We were a Startup

In 2007, iConcept used to be just the IT arm of its now sister company, iBrains. By 2009, the then department has become an independent company that caters to web based digital products like website design & development. The scope of the company’s capability only increased through the years.

Today, iConcept Global Advertising, Inc is a one-stop digital products and services shop in the Philippines, offering website design & development, mobile apps development, graphic design & motion graphics, SEO, search engine marketing, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing and other marketing and online advertising products.

iConcept is the umbrella company that houses a multitude of digital marketing brands that focus on specific digital marketing needs, guided by the values of commitment, dynamism, and talent.



We put into heart the aim of providing our clients above par customer experience & satisfaction. We only succeed when our clients succeed.


The fast surge of technology is our impetus to emphasize on continuous learning of new methods & mechanisms that help better the online experience.


Talent is inherent in every person and as a Filipino company, we take pride in our world renowned qualities of ingenuity, professionalism, and craftsmanship.



We at iConcept Global Advertising, Inc. envision ourselves as the leader in providing business solutions fuelled by emerging technologies and driven by a pool of diversified talents, fostering strong Filipino values in the midst of rising global trends.

To achieve this vision, we strongly commit ourselves to constant pursuit of learning in order to enhance what we are already known for: making the best even better.

About iConcept

Welcome to iConcept Global Advertising Inc., home to efficient online and mobile solutions to help your organization achieve its ultimate goals, primarily to be the best web design firm in the Philippines.

Website design and development, mobile application development, business identity, cloud web hosting, e-commerce, online presence management, and more – we got them all covered!   Explore our website and you will find a roster of prominent clients who have started reaping the fruits of our concerted efforts.

More than providing the websites and mobile apps conceived by our clients and beautifully executed by our dynamic team, we strive to offer a feeling of security.  That you deserve nothing but the best results is part and parcel of our commitment to excellence.


Offer you an investment

For us, gone are the days when investment would instantly mean a car, a pent house, hectares of land and other material things.  At iConcept Global, we consider having a website that is search engine optimized already a low-cost investment.  We are able to say it not because we offer these services.  We believe such can be considered an investment because of the infinite capabilities of the Internet continuously discovered by geniuses.

Having a functional website that constantly enjoys top rankings in leading search engines is again, a low-cost investment.  Great SEO practices result in higher return of investment.  How?  Imagine being able to display your products online to thousands of potential customers any time of the day.  With increased traffic or visits on your website due to SEO coupled with your helpful products and services, it is like having an additional team doing the marketing.  And because of the online reputation you are gaining, the benefit you get becomes long-term.  Just don’t get surprised if one day you wake up receiving hundreds or even thousands of phone and email inquiries overseas.


Help you save money

Our Research and Development Team continuously finds ways to help you save money through the cost-efficient services we offer.  Cloud Web Hosting is our newest offering.  Most importantly, at iConcept Global, you are assured of proper billing computation.


Help you sell better

Offering you an investment while helping you save money are our ways of helping you sell better.  Through the websites we create, we extend our biggest hopes for your continued successes in both business and personal life.  Seeing you happy with the results is enough to remind us one of our missions – to constantly endeavor to meet, if not exceed, client’s expectations in providing innovative services and state-of-the-art products.


Help others live better

Another mission we are striving to accomplish is to become worthy citizens of the Philippines.  We make every effort to get involved in various community outreach activities to help others live better.  This is also our reason why we push for our IT CAPITAL advocacy, aiming to provide a venue where Information Technology students and professionals could get support from industry leaders.


Business has only two basic foundations: marketing and innovation. This tells a lot about the humble beginnings of iConcept Global Advertising Inc.

From being one of the departments of iBrains Technologies Inc. in 2007 to an independent company with less than ten employees in 2008, iConcept Global has continued achieving milestones.

What came as a department without a name was formally established in April 2008 as iConcept Marketing and Advertising Inc under almost the same team gifted with diverse background on Information Technology.

The Management of iBrains Technologies –  a complete business solutions provider specializing in hardware peripheral and complex software development, groundwork IT and telecom contracting – earlier decided to split the unnamed department and start operating on its own after realizing that the business model taken by the department of website development had started to boom.

Driven by the determination to be the global leader in marketing and advertising, iConcept Marketing slowly penetrated the local and international market.  Projects started pouring in locally and internationally, mostly from small to medium-sized enterprises including those coming from Australia and New Zealand.

In 2009, iConcept Marketing opened its office in Metro Manila and its inevitable growth is at hand.  Before the year 2010 ended, the Management decided to put operations into halt as it prepares for a bigger challenge. Indeed, early 2011 saw the birth of a bigger, bolder iConcept Global Advertising Inc.

Beyond the renaming of the company is a message:  WE ARE READY TO FIGHT IN THE GLOBAL ARENA.



IBRAINS Technologies Corp.
West Grains Trading
Fast Tech Security Management


iConcept Global AustraliaTrusted by industry leaders and government offices here in the Philippines, iConcept now takes “commitment” and “excellence” one step further as it expands operations on a foreign territory: Melbourne, Australia.

Officially recognized as an Australian company last December 3, 2012, iConcept Global Advertising Inc. (Pty. Ltd.) was issued a certificate of registration from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and soon, iConcept Global Australia will be ready to break through the Australian digital environment and offer quality marketing services at very competitive prices, giving every Australian business the outstanding online recognition it deserves.


Organizational Information

  • ABN:  45161481125
  • Street Address: 202 Werribee St. North,
  • Town / City : Werribee Melbourne
  • State: Victoria
  • Postcode: 3000
  • Country: AUSTRALIA
  • Phone (local AU number