Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization

Your website visitors’ experience extends beyond nicely-arranged words and an aesthetically pleasing design template. Their experience of your website is a look into your business’ soul, an overall impression of you as they interact with your product and service profiles.

Good website content involve catchy titles, a user-friendly interface, well-phrased articles, and effective marketing that triggers psychological cues in consumers that compels them to buy your products or services

Oftentimes, corporate information needs to be rephrased to make it easy to understand. It also has to be worded to fully catch the consumer’s attention and subsequent business. It is the company’s owners who know exactly which products suit the consumer; and they are the best people who would be able to convince the consumer about buying or using certain products and services. Thus, our Content Writing arm words the company’s message into a way that the consumer will fully understand what is being sold and will be attracted to eventually buying these products or services.

It is a fact that a consumer will always think in terms of: “What’s in it for me?” iConcept’s Content Writing service aims to tailor your corporate website’s articles to target the consumer’s perspective. While we rely on the information you provide us on your company’s products and services, we review and enhance the write-ups using persuasive words and catchy titles. Keyword optimization for better search engine recognition is also incorporated into the edited articles.

This rewording and search engine optimization revolutionizes marketing and takes it to a different level. By targeting the search engines while keeping in mind the consumers’ psychographics, steady traffic to your website is ensured. The search engine optimization drives traffic into your site, while targeting to your market’s psychographics ensures that they keep coming back for more. This steady influx of visitors to your site would then increase the likelihood of sales and closed deals.

You can trust that everything we do for you, we do in excellence. Our team is made up of talented and reliable individuals who make sure that they deliver.