Social Signals: Why and how they work

Before, social media is just a medium to keep in touch with friends and family here and out of the country. It has also become a way of life by sharing various information and whatnots such as what is on our mind, the food we eat, our outfit of the day and the places we’ve been to.

But today, social media also serves as a booster for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is now the go-to medium for businesses to advertise their services and products and it is effective because they make it convenient for their potential consumers to reach them. And of course, it is much easier to spread the word.


So, what is a social signal and how does it work?

It all starts with a link. A social signal is created by sharing links from someone’s social networking profile to your own.  To put it simply, whenever you like or share a link on Facebook, you generate and give someone a social signal.  Who would have thought that sharing and re-tweeting can do so much more? Just make sure that your content is “share” worthy because as they say, content is still the king.

Creating a network and posting contents where your audience spends most of their time definitely brings great difference in such short period of time. And for any business, that can translate to brand awareness, leads and sales.

Marketing plays a huge role on this though. It takes a lot of creativity, humor, and wit to make a picture or video viral. Your audience must be entertained – and if they are, it will create a great deal of social signals your business desires.

Though the matter is debatable, most SEO experts agree that social signals contribute its fair share to an SEO Campaign.


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