The company built from trust

It has been less than a decade when iConcept Global started from its most humble beginnings.

What started as a department without a name grew as one of the most trusted agencies in the marketing industry.  IT-savvy professionals from a very young age group remain to be one of the reasons why the company continues to be trusted by both the government and private sector.  Thus, we have accomplished a roster of prominent clients.

But apart from the technical prowess of these people, business principles are very much evident in our every dealing.  One of the mantras propagated by its founder and continues to be practiced by employees of the company is clean business transaction. Trust is probably the best word to describe the years of serving the global market.

Through the years, we have arduously built our good name from projects that showcase our capacity to provide revolutionary marketing solutions.  Dealing with irate clients is an inevitable part of business.  We sometimes fall short in meeting clients’ expectations.  But we never resorted to client deception in exchange for a lucrative pay.  More so, engaging in fraudulent activities is and will never be a part of our plans for future development.

At the core of our business operations are three major objectives.  Firstly, we decided to operate in order to generate jobs for talented professionals.  Then, we conduct free seminars about IT, marketing, social media, and leadership as part of our corporate social responsibility – to help equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills that they need in the workplace.  Finally, we continue doing legitimate transactions in order to impart a positive change in the global marketplace.

We are iConcept Global Advertising Inc.  Bringing your ideas to life.  Continuously innovating.  Excelling.