What’s wrong with Philippine Web Hosting Resellers

web hosting philippinesAre you a business man who’s planning to launch a website?  Or someone who needs a replacement for your old hosting provider?  This article is for you.  The truth behind reseller packages widely being sold by many Philippine hosting resellers is that they are turnkey reseller solutions from web hosting providers mostly in the U.S.  Good thing there are a few Philippine-based web hosting providers capable of providing what the others can’t.

Turnkey reseller solution encompasses solutions that are readily made available to the client.  On one hand, having a turnkey solution in place is advantageous as it requires little or no time of setting up.  On the other hand, the use of turnkey solutions may pose a challenge on its operation.

The incompatibility in timezone poses a major challenge to website owners, who are getting a lot of traffic that would later on be converted to sales.   Answering of support tickets is one most common instance that could affect the operation of the whole website.  Say, a support ticket is filed at 8:30 AM Philippine time.  Because most hosting providers in the country are resellers of US companies, there might be no enough number of engineers to attend to your technical concerns during business hours.  As a result, the response and resolution to your technical queries might take a longer time, usually up to 12 hours.

Another instance that illustrates the difficulty in having a difference in timezone can be seen during software upgrade, server and network maintenance, backup, and IP migration.  The daily backup process consumes a lot of memory and CPU power, resulting in slowed down server.  CPANEL, WHM, and security scripts might also be affected just to free up memory.  These are crucial activities normally done during night time, between 12 midnight to 4 AM US time, the time when US website visitors are relatively low.  Unfortunately, this is the peak hours for the Philippine market, the time when most customers are likely to be visiting the websites of companies in the Philippines.

In finding the perfect choice from a list of Philippine-based web hosting providers, choose someone who provides services compatible with the Philippine setting.

ZOOM HOSTING manages and maintains its own server, and schedules important activities and automated processes between 1 AM to 4 AM (Philippine time).  It boasts of an array of hosting services that are secured, taking into consideration how website developers create their scripts and upload their files.  Unlike other providers who don’t inspect malicious scripts, SQL injection, or file permission, ZOOM HOSTING has full access to its servers, giving it the capacity to modify the server parameters, install security software and firewall.  Above all, it strives to strike the balance between business and goodwill.

Peace of mind.  Philippine-based web hosting company.  Philippine-based support.

Surely, you would want to make your website alive and attracting visits and profits all the time.