iConcept launches web design studio

iconcept - unchosen design portalOne man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This familiar quotation is the idea behind iConcept Global’s Unchosen Design portal.

This portal forms part of the previously launched Creative Juice, an online repository of different website essentials such as

banner/slideshow, menu navigation, media gallery, text effects, and other cool stuff.

The Unchosen Design portal stores the design studies created by the iConcept Creative Team for several companies and government agencies and are “worth a second look.”

According to Creative Director Dingdong Gonzales Jr., this innovation will be a big help for the entire team and for the clients as well.

“More than just being an integrated section of the Creative Juice, the Unchosen Design portal provides an easy access to interactive jQuery effects and other out-of-the-box designs,” Gonzales said, adding “this makes client education easier for our client-interfacing employees.”

Gonzales shared that the team has experienced challenges in terms of letting the clients know how a certain website element works and what functionality will help them achieve the overall feel of their website.

“We claim to be the best Internet marketing company here in the Philippines and this comes with a great responsibility: to educate our clients about what needs to be included in their website so they achieve their overall goals.”

For his part, Sales Manager John Rei Bernardo agreed that this additional section of the Creative Juice will help the sales team expedite the process of closing a deal.

“Our years of experience in the sales industry have taught us that clients want outputs, visible outputs and not just promises. The portal is also expected to help clients visualize instantly the look and feel of their website,” Bernardo explained.

He added, “This Unchosen Design portal is a cool way to showcase the capabilities of the best, affordable web design company in the Philippines in terms of cost-effective web design and development and dependable Internet marketing strategies. Plus, this site can be a very good tool for mix and match by clients.”


Treasure trove of exciting plugins

Creative Juice features exciting plugins to boost a website. Some of the plugins displayed in the portal are jQuery Virtual Tour, Yahoo Messenger Pingbox slider, image hotspot with draggable popup, combined analog and digital world clock, parallax website, and simple panoramic view.

Under the Navigation tab, useful and sleek navigations, space-savers, and menu hover effects are presented namely, Accordion Menu, Mega Sub-menu, Animated Hover Menu, Repositioning Menu, and Load More with AJAX Call.

Clients of web design Philippines may also choose amazing presentations to promote their products and other service offerings. Some of the commonly used presentation tools are 2D Banner Slider, Parallax banner, Slicebox (3D Image Slider), Slideshow with Circular Preview Navigation, and Simple, Clean and Eye-catchy presentation.