iConcept Publishes Newly Redesigned Website

It’s the start of a new era in digital marketing! 2016 has been the year of a more empowered internet community of people banding together to make the internet a better place and we want in on the game.

2017 saw the launching of iConcept Global Advertising, Inc.’s new website and, with it, our brand spankin’ new branding.


Values At Our Core

We at iConcept believe that, to become more than just another web design & development, and digital marketing company in the Philippines, we have to transcend and become a brand—one that has its own values and therefore one that can stand up for its own beliefs and the beliefs of its community.

The new iConcept branding imbibes the values of Commitment, Talent, and Dynamism. Our belief is that, in the era where the internet has made trends happen as quick as they die out, we must cultivate people’s talents enough to make them dynamically adaptable to change and ultimately fostering committed relationships between clientele & community.


Our Brands Are Your Brands

In line with the new website, the other brand under the iConcept umbrella are also anticipating major website revamps to improve site speed, user experience, and customer interaction. Included are the brands DMark Solutions for digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing; ZOOM Hosting for domain and hosting; SiteHaven & Design Cloud, our affordable website builder brand for SMEs; Animasia, our multimedia arm; and our offshore staff leasing and outsourcing brand, Webhouse Asia; all catered from the professionally homely country that is the Philippines.


Going for Better

The dawn of this new age of an empowered internet community could spell a very unpredictable road to every digital brand that almost everyone is going to try and compete to be the best—but we at iConcept don’t do best. The best can only get you so far. Innovation and evolution is where we’ll find real satisfaction.

Where the best ends, we begin. This 2017 & beyond, let’s make the best even better.