iConcept renews its flight plans to Australia

iConcept Global AustraliaLast year, the Filipino nation witnessed a phenomenon in the digital advertising industry when iConcept set its foot in Australian territory and registered ICONCEPT GLOBAL ADVERTISING Pty. Ltd with its office located at Melbourne, Australia. Web design, web development, mobile apps development and search engine optimization are just some of the services that iConcept offers.

iConcept Online Presence Management Department had a tough challenge combating digital advertising pioneers in Australia who have already established strong online and offline reputation. In Australia, almost all page 1 competitors on Google for major keywords are already enjoying high Google PageRank, averaging 5; competing with them toe to toe is something reserved only to the most daring offshore company who wish to enter Australian market.

Though www.iconceptglobal.com.au started with no PageRank, it’s fast catching up gaining a relatively high PR of 4 in last Google PR toolbar update.

Owen Cruz, iConcept’s Business Development Director and acting President foresees that in four to five months time, iConcept’s AU domain will land on first page of Google for majority of keywords related to the services we offer.

In the annual strategy planning meeting attended by iConcept’s directors and top managers, iConcept renewed its flight plans to Australia and lay down plans that will signal the start of iConcept’s dominance in Australian digital marketing scene.

Plotted in iConcept’s calendar this year are:

1. Maximizing on Google Adwords to increase Google search visibility for iConcept’s AU website.

2. Offline advertising in the form of print ads, radio advertisements and telemarketing.

3. Partnership dialogs with some of Australia’s leading advertising agencies.

Owen Cruz is confident that iConcept can offer a lot of advantages to Australian businesses who spend millions of dollars in their digital advertising budget each year. It is a known fact that many Australian web design and mobile apps development companies are dependent on offshore outsourcing. It’s not unusual that iConcept receives calls from Australian web design firms requesting for quotations for projects they are working on primarily because they want to save on cost and avoid the hassle of hiring local programmers and web designers. However, their dilemma is that they don’t have control over quality, turnaround time and commitment because often, they tend to find the one who offer the cheapest service ultimately finding freelancers who work in the comfort of their own homes or other place they are comfortable doing business.

iConcept Australia aims to make a difference by providing in-house quality web design and mobile apps development services customized for Australian market with iConcept Australia serving as its sales and marketing office and iConcept Philippines in-charge of production. With this kind of operational process, customers will have an assurance that work is not outsourced to a third party that often results in loose standards, if not no standard at all; therefore, highest quality is guaranteed.