iConcept Webmasters build stronger, smarter team

teambuilding-groupLeaving their laptops for a couple of days, employees of iConcept Global Advertising Inc. went to San Fabian, Pangasinan to undergo team building activities last April 19-21, 2013.

Employees from all iConcept offices gathered at Sierra Vista Resort for the three-day event.  All employees were grouped into six kingdoms, namely, Spartacus, Pyrolandia, Arcadia, Kurios, PU Kingdom, and Dirus.

This year’s team building was facilitated by Mary Joy Karen Bayot, Human Resources Manager.  She mentioned that team building 2013 was inspired by the hit American epic fantasy series Game of Thrones.

“This year, we focused on conflict resolution, the qualities of an effective leader, and an effective team,” Bayot explained adding that the team did not only participate in games.  “Processing of outputs in every game is very important as it serves as a reinforcement of the lessons that they learned.”

Activities that the team underwent can be classified as skills, mental and trust games.

“I am very happy with the sportsmanship that the teams showed.  They were very aggressive in a good way.  I am very optimistic that the whole iConcept team was able to revive the spirit of teamwork,” Bayot exclaimed.

teambuilding-trust“One of the most memorable moments in our three-day stay was the sharing at the bonfire activity.  We never expected that everyone will open up and share their emotions towards the team. This is definitely one of the happiest moments of being an iConcept employee,” an employee said.