Solutions Packages and Pricing

iConcept recognizes that each business, depending on their industry and scale, have varied needs. We have structured our brands and carefully designed our packages so flexible that every industry or business regardless of its size and budget will have a solution fit for their needs and budget. From easy to build micro-enterprise and start-up businesses website to medium scale business solution as well as enterprise level CRM and B2B platform for multinational companies and leading brands, we got you covered.

Customized Solutions – Web Design, Mobile App Development, SEO, SMM, PPC

Through the years, iConcept has established the reputation of being the leading web design and digital marketing solutions company in the Philippines providing diverse range of digital services including web design, e-commerce development, mobile app development, search engine optimization, social media management and content marketing, among others. In the high end spectrum of the market, many businesses often have requirements unique for their specific industry and scale. Where this is the case, we would gather customer requirement, discuss how their budget would fit with the available options and present how these solutions will work for their business to meet their expected ROI. If you already have a project brief, project TOR, or simply an outline of specific features of an application or details of an envisioned digital marketing campaign, we will be glad to help you evaluate your requirement and if your document or project description is informative enough for us to assess it properly, we will submit a cost estimate. We may call you to clarify some details or gather more information if the information is not sufficient for us to completely and accurately evaluate your requirement.If you wish to get a quote, please require for a quote.

DesignCloud™ Web Design Packages

For some businesses, speed of delivery and sometimes project budget maybe the top considerations when getting a web design solution. We understand that not all businesses can wait very long for their website to be up and running. Moreover, some come companies may not have the budget to build a customized website that is usually relatively expensive than pre-designed themes.

DesignCloud™ is an iConcept innovation that focuses on speed and affordability without sacrificing quality and flexibility. DesignCloud™ allows customer to choose from a wide selection of pre-designed website themes, that can readily be used as a base design. This doesn’t mean that we will build a website that doesn’t look yours. Our team of web designers will make sure that the website reflects your brand colors, and present your content in a professional manner that will guide customer to the buying process. DesignCloud™ is built on an intuitive open source content management system (CMS) platform used by 24 million websites in the world, that is around 53% of all websites built on content management system. It allows you to edit website at a later time, upload your new banner images, media content and articles. In a nutshell, it’s a full featured business website minus the long process of building it from scratch and paying an arm and a leg. You will be surprise to know that we can build your mobile responsive website in 5 days or less for as low as P18,000.00. For more details about DesignCloud™ packages and pricing. Please click packages button below.

SiteHaven™ Web Design Packages

More and more entrepreneur and small businesses are realizing the power of online presence in terms of leads generation and as an a cheaper and more effective alternative to traditional advertisements. Being small is no longer an excuse for not building a solid online reputation. In fact, smaller businesses have greater need to be online more than their more popular competitors. While establishing online presence through social media like facebook, twitter and youtube can be a good starting point, whether you like it or not, you will soon need to boost your credibility by having a website and business email under your own domain. The problem is that web design and digital marketing services do not come without a price. Even small freelance groups will charge you P10,000.00 for a 5 to 8 page static website.

SiteHaven™ aims to help level the playing field for small businesses to build a rock solid online presence by providing a very cheap alternative that wasn’t available to SMEs before SiteHaven™ was introduced to the market. Small businesses can now have a professionally designed website complete with domain, custom business email, web hosting for as low as P4,800.00, all-in. For details about our packages, please click packages button below.