Malware, Virus, Hacked Sites Scanning and Restoration Services

Comprehensive Virus and Malware Removal

We will copy your account to our mirror server and scan your account for malicious attack patterns. Our scanner is capable of identifying more than 6,000 exploit fingerprint. We then run a comprehensive scan of your files for any expression match of malwares, virus, attacker’s signature. Afterwards, we scan your database for any expression match or exploit finger print, and scan your directories for malicious symlinks.

Your website is your investment; we'll help your in protecting and hardening the security of your said investment.

Manual Malware Scan

We basically employ the same methods we use for comprehensive malware scanning only this time, we do not create a copy of your account to our servers.


Account Restoration

After cleaning files, we will procceed to restoring infected or recreate damages files on your website. You will promptly receive reports regarding successful restorations as well as irecoverable items.


  • iConcept doesn’t guarantee that damaged file, database can be restored with 100% accuracy. If file or database is damaged beyond repair, iConcept reserves the right to bill a reasonable amount to customers for restoring a page, database entries or entire website.


Website & Content Management System Security Hardening

  • We will perform combination of the following hardening tweaks when applicable and if necessary.
    • Login credential strengthening
    • Captcha plugin integration
    • File and Directory permission security tweaks
    • .htaccess security tweaks
    • Special directory and file protection, i.e. wp-admin, administrator, configuration.php
    • Robots.txt tweaks
    • Configuration file security tweaks
    • CMS security tweaks and security plugin installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other open source CMS.
    • Renaming admin accounts
    • Hiding admin URL
    • Setting periodic backup
    • SQL injection vulnerability evaluation ( This process requires reprogramming of some scripts or entire CMS. We will evaluate if a website is vulnerable to SQL injection and give recommendation. SQL vulnerability fix must be quoted separately. Please click GET A QUOTE to request a quotation on comprehensive SQL injection protection.)
    • If account is not hosted by ZOOM Hosting, iConcept will give server security tweak recommendation, i.e. firewall installation and configuration recommendation, Anti-DdoS, FTP Hardening, TMP Directory Hardening, Brute Force Detection, etc.
    • We will provide free hosting account migration if you so decide to transfer your hosting services to ZOOM HOSTING. For low to moderate traffic CMS-based websites, we would recommend CLOUD-BIZ found under CLOUD-BUSINESS packages.
      Just click here to see CLOUD-BIZ.
    • For high traffic, e-commerce and portal type websites, we would recommend our ENTERPRISE-CLOUD packages
      which you can find here.
    • Accounts hosted by ZOOM.PH automatically qualifies for website hack protection and website restoration services


  • Hardening modification
  • Hardening implementation may vary depending on operating system, scripting platform, database and CMS structure.
  • Shell access is not mandatory but will help us scan your files more effectively

Manual inspection is less effective in identifying vulnerabilities and malwares that have been injected.