Digital Marketing in the Philippines:
Old Game, New Stadium!

Advertising, in and of itself, hasn’t changed. It’s still the game of getting the word around on how your brand, products, and services work. The rules remain the same: make or offer something, get people to notice and talk about it, make a sale, watch how people react, and make them tell their friends.

This has been the MO ever since word-of-mouth has been the popular way of recommending trustworthy merchants. The playing field evolved out of mere word on the street to reviews and news on print media, ad placement on primetime TV shows, plugs-in between your favorite songs on the radio, and free-taste or product samples during live ground events.

Today, one of the newest playing fields for marketing and advertising is the internet. Digital marketing as both a method and a field of practice has come far and is still going strong in creating a new dimension to the game of advertising.

In the Philippines, digital marketing is one of the biggest platforms for brands to be heard, get talked about, and change minds.

There are 67 million average Filipino internet users in the country, and that is just the current estimate of the recent 2018 survey by WeAreSocial and HootSuite, not including users who are unreachable by survey and users who share devices for multiple purposes outside of log-in. Also, the number of new users grew by 12% (7 million) of the entire population last year, and we can only expect it to grow bigger in years to come.

SEO and Search Engine Marketing

The Philippines is becoming of one of the biggest countries in Southeast Asia for digital products like website design and development. And with the rise of popularity in digital products, digital services like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing and Management also look towards a bright future in the country both demand-wise and in the quality of the service that can be availed from the country.

SEO is becoming an industry that is not only internationally needed but also locally viable especially because more companies are competing for internet and market supremacy. The Philippines is home to many digital marketing companies that are also going neck and neck, making the competition steep but also keeping the players on their toes and improving. Not only that, but in the rankings of EF English Proficiency Rankings, the Philippines is ranked 15th in the world and 3rd in Asia—this making the Philippines both a center for excellence in SEO and for the use of the business language.

With our search engine optimization, we focus on delivering your website and your brand to the audience who are looking for them—relevance is key. But that’s just one side of it; we also build on creating trust by using only white-hat SEO methods as well as strategies that put user experience first.

Social Media Marketing

Dialogue is what builds trust and what connects us as people; that’s exactly why we trust friends on very important decisions we make. And that’s the goal of social media marketing: to create a branding that people can view as something they can trust, maybe even a brand they can consider as a friend.

Social media marketing in the Philippines is growing just as fast as SEO is with almost all internet users also being registered on at least one social media platform. Not only is this a great opportunity for brands to make the most of, but it is also an important leverage in building a brand that is both trusted and preferred: users that get to talk to a brand about product or service issues, inquiries, or even simply just in casual talks are 71% more likely to recommend a brand to friends—trust only creates bigger trust!

Our social media marketing strategies never focus on getting more like for your brands—that’s a narrowminded metric for social media success; instead, we give emphasis on building a brand that people actually trust and can relate to. We try to be part of the users’ daily conversation and create campaigns that not only appeal to them but are also relevant to their needs and interests.

Digital marketing in the Philippines is evolving as an ecosystem, and we as digital marketers must keep up with the very trying environment. Gone are the days that you can gain trying to trick search engines into crawling your wall of keywords, or buying Facebook meme pages that already have plenty of users to change it into a business page for irrelevant likes. We believe in honest, meaningful, and user-friendly marketing, and that’s how we try to evolve our digital marketing campaigns and strategies.


We create campaigns that highlight what makes your brand standout. We don’t just look at other cases, we try to make your campaign a case other marketing can look at!


Even for SEO where machine algorithm is important, we still focus on creating campaigns with content that focus on users, what they need, and what is relevant to them.


Unlike other digital marketing companies that promise guaranteed search engine rankings, or just social media likes, our promises are more realistic, meaningful, long-lasting and honest.

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