Graphic Design and Motion Graphics

Known for their creativity and artistic skills, Filipino graphic designers are scattered around the world. The Filipino artistic talent extend to mediums such as magazines, movies, fashion, and what have you. We specialize in graphic designs for websites, mobile apps, 3D animation, and even virtual reality.

Filipino animators are also preffered by companies in the U.S., Europe, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong and other countries for their talent in creating superb animation. Notable Philippine animators are even behind some famous animated Hollywood blockbusters.

iConcept Global Advertising, and its brand have been past partners of international animation studios in the UK and Australia. We provided 3D and motion graphic animations en masse as a 3rd party partner.

Business Identity

The logo is an important element of businesses, giving your brand a face that consumers can associate to your brand name. Your logo as well as most of your other branding collaterals play an important part in your brand's passive marketing and your client's subconscious recall and top of mind preference.

Choosing us, iConcept, as your partner in building your brand identity ensures that your logo will carry your corporate image through meaningful designs that you can be proud of, and that your clients will remember.

Business Collaterals

Business collaterals are your way of making your way into your targets hands and staying there, subconsciously reminding them to get in touch. These materials not only give your company better legitimation, it helps to subtly convince your target clients that you are whom they should trust.

In creating your business collateral's graphic design, you should remember that in the mind of your consumers, you are only one among many, and that your design must stand out from the competition.

Here at iConcept Global, we implore best practices in making your branding both beautiful and meaningful. Trust us with your branding because we'll make sure your business colaterals reflect your own brand's values.

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