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In this fast-paced digital world where, if not all, at least most of the people are obsessed with their mobile phones to the point where it is already part of their morning routines to check it. In fact, there was a study conducted which revealed that young people would rather lose their sense of smell than be disconnected from technology. While we don’t wish for that to happen, taking advantage of the trends in technology and how people react to it would definitely be a winning move for businesses and organizations who want to level up their way of serving and engaging with their market.

Because people are enjoying the convenience that mobile phones bring, the use of mobile apps has been growing rapidly. Shopping apps, music, media and entertainment apps, and business and finance apps are the top 3 most used mobile apps today with 54%, 44%, and 33% increase respectively. While utilities and productivity apps, and news and magazines apps are not far behind with 22% gains. Aside from the aforementioned mobile apps, there are still more of other types of applications that are being used at this time.

Numbers don’t lie and so do we when we say that mobile application is a good thing to integrate in your business. Today, almost everything can be obtained and done online and with people really getting into it, there is no reason to not go with the rapid flow.

Mobile Application Categories:

Shopping/ E-commerce Apps

Give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience by having a shopping app for your business. The exciting feeling of trying and shopping clothes personally in retail and outlet stores is comparable to the convenience that shopping apps offer. Customers need not to worry about the specifications of a product because all of that are included on the app.

Entertainment Apps

Get in the way of today’s trend in what people love to do. Listening to music, streaming videos, photography, and the likes are some of the things people enjoy doing in their lives.

Business and Finance Apps

Save your customer’s time by providing an app that would cater their banking and business errands. The rise in the use of mobile baking today is a great opportunity to have one.

Utility and Productivity Apps

Having to do an almost routine task everyday would sometimes be boring. Providing apps like calendars, calculators, note taking apps, and the likes will help people do the tasks easier and fun. Take note of that and people might thank you for it.

News and Magazine Apps

Reading news and magazines on mobile phones is not news. It has been running and patronized by many for the past years.

Logistics Apps

Deliver a great and hassle-free logistics service to people. Logistics services are on trend today because of the increase in number of small and medium enterprises.

Educational Apps

Bring education and let the learnings be on the hands of the people. Those who belong to the younger generation, especially the Gen Z are always on their phones, the reason why they are sometimes called the Gen Tech. So, take advantage of that and be part of how and what they learn.

Lifestyle and Leisure Apps

Lifestyle and leisure apps guide people in their everyday lives. Applications for fitness, food, cooking, travel, dating, etc. are helpful. Being part of their daily lives through these kinds of applications would be beneficial for you and the people.

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