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When it comes to standards, tools or the trade, and myths and beliefs, SEO in the Philippines has come a long way into becoming one of the most adaptive and reliable online-based web service not only in the country, but the whole world.

The practice of getting websites to appear on the pages or search engines became more popular as a field of study and discipline in the early 2000s. However, how we view and practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today significantly changed since it dawned more than a decade ago. SEO in olden times was more simplistic to a point where users optimized more to appease (or even exploit) search engine parameters. The biggest search engine, Google, responded to this with a new punishing algorithm, which optimizers will try to, again, find a way to work around to.

It wasn’t until after some years that SEO penetrated the Philippines’ online industry. By this time, Google has set more algorithms with more user-useful optimization parameters in mind. The Philippine SEO industry is introduced to the world of white-hat SEO, and it is this SEO that we try to practice and uphold here at iConcept.


A Reliable SEO Company in the Philippines

Let’s face it: new websites will very likely never be seen in search engines if they weren’t popular in the first place. If you are a new website owner, you will want to get SEO, have your website become searchable, and gain from that investment. And again—let’s face it—the process of bettering website rankings can be frustrating.

Some providers may promise SEO that will get you rankings, even promising rank one on the first page, in a short period of time. This sounds too good to be true, and actually, it is: SEO isn’t going to happen for your website overnight, and depending on how big your industry is, and how fierce the competition, SEO might appear to not work for you in a couple of months. But let this not be a reason to go for methods that bolster your rankings out of nowhere—these promises could involve black-hat methods that endanger your website in the long run.

Here at iConcept, we believe that rankings are earned through proper SEO campaigning. We only use white-hat methods that focus both on helping your end-users as well as, in the long-term, benefiting your brand and website.

Intuitive Campaigns

Some SEO companies in the Philippines, albeit users of white-hat methods, do not go beyond piling backlinks and dropping comments. Although these still work, these do not holistically create the proper conditions to make a website gain better metrics.

We believe in campaigns that are calibrated to your audience and industry. We look at data and general public interest, and from these, we create campaigns that highlight them so that in turn, it highlights your brand. We look for other resources and forums that are relevant and of interest to your brand and your users both in content and in context.

Context is King

Content is believed to be everything that drives SEO. Why wouldn’t it be? For an engine that is still limited to only crawling text, content seems the more pliable item in any digital marketer’s arsenal if they want to penetrate into SEO. But in the face of newer algorithms and ultimately, smarter search engines, content churning isn’t enough.

For your campaigns, we do not just bombard your website with links to pages that remotely touch on your subject nor do we churn out content to hit desired word density. We do these things with intent and context in mind. We take context into full consideration and look for only the most relevant pages, creating content that caters to actual audience interest.

On-Page Optimization

A website might look good to end-users but it might not strike search engines as appealing—that’s where on-page optimization comes in. We give recommendation and implement modifications to your meta descriptions, website content keyword integration and density, and Google analytics deployment among others to improve loading times, user experience, & search engine algorithm adherence.

Off Page Optimization

Our team works night and day to create and distribute content, commentary, and links to improve your online credibility through organic, target specific, white-hat search engine optimization methods.

Google Display Network

This is especially effective to new brands that are just beginning to penetrate the online market or niche businesses that have seasonal demands. We’ll help you set up your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or even create a remarketing campaign for you from scratch!

Reports & Recommendations

You will get the comprehensive report about all the relevant data involved in your campaign, theoretical and practical interpretation and data analysis, and recommendations and actions plans.

SEO Packages and Digital Marketing Bundles

Search engine optimizing services can be availed as standalone products especially if you only need PPC management or Google remarketing. These are great products to avail especially if you are not optimizing for long-term or if your products or services peak during certain seasons.

For SEO that needs longevity, however, it is necessary to run a campaign that includes other digital marketing products. Aside from on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, and reports, you may also avail of supplementary social media marketing products as well as content marketing products that enhance the optimization chances while also making overall cost comparatively more affordable—in turn, you get more for less. You can inquire more about our bundles and packages by sending us an inquiry. Just follow this link.

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