Social Media and Digital Marketing in the Philippines

One billion is such a big number. The total estimate of Facebook users today is one valid reason why every business owner must strive to reach his/her audience in a medium that has a HUGE potential. Undoubtedly, Facebook is one effective means for digital marketing agencies in the Philippines to capitalize on.

What was once thought as a source of distraction in schools and offices is now considered synonymous to the word OPPORTUNITY. In the Philippines, social media has become a part of daily activities of people from various walks of life – from the people you meet on the streets to students and young professionals, to celebrities, business owners, and government officials.

For students, social media is such a wonderful place to communicate with the rest of the world. For young professionals and celebrities, social media is also a very good venue to let people know of their latest achievements and endeavors.

But for government officials and business owners, social media is more than just a sophisticated tool for connectivity. It is a tool for accomplishing significant endeavors.

Similar to other digital marketing medium such as websites, aesthetics is one important aspect of consideration for business owners who really want to extend their audience reach. While having a website is one big step you have probably made, having a supplementary social media page can help you achieve an extra mile.

We know just how it feels to manage an organization and own a business. Being a proactive owner, you also want the best for your business. Make it stand out from your competitors. How? Facebook Fan page Customization can help you maximize the use of your company’s social media account. And the good thing is that there is so much more in store for you!

Facebook Fan Page Customization

In a place where there is a battle of impression, making your page project the image it needs to project is paramount. Corporate-looking, engaging, or a combination of both, we know how to bring your brilliant ideas to life!

At iConcept, our digital marketing experts treat your Facebook fan page as grand as every website. In line with the Facebook Timeline innovation, customization of banner or cover is one of our social media offerings. A carefully designed 812 by 312 pixels Facebook Timeline Cover will help you get the attention of millions of netizens. A superb timeline cover comes with a simple avatar or profile picture. Either a logo of your company or a picture of the owner, the profile picture should create a harmonious relationship with the banner image.

It is good to have an artistic representation of your profile. Aside from banners, we also cater custom-made Landing Pages. These are pages meant to let the rest of the online world know about who you are or what you do…and why they should like your page!


Multimedia Creation

ICONCEPT believes that mutual relationship is present even in social media. When you give people what they need and what they want, they give something to you in return. We are talking about daily social media postings.

Your fans will definitely appreciate all your outputs. But due to your busy schedule, you might have not enough time to produce one. We are willing to create a lot for you – from a simple image with inspirational quotation to visually compelling images and informative videos and infographics.


Social Media Marketing Strategies

In social media, there are four types of netizen. Analysis of your current fan or friend list is important before we walk you through the following services.


Conversation Guide Calendar

Our social media researchers can help you identify all possible topics for Facebook discussions. It is through interactions that your fans develop a feeling of belongingness. It’s a way of telling them that you value their thoughts.

The conversation guide calendar is a schedule of all the events, people and issues concerning your niche. As your digital marketing agency, we produce multimedia outputs containing information that your audience deserve.


Competitor Analysis

Comprehensive reports about your competitors’ strategies are very good bases for the next course of action to take. This can answer the question: “Are we going to update the current set of strategies?”


Social Media Moderation

What if an irate client posts something undesirable to your fan page? Worse is that you weren’t able to monitor that activity leading to more fans seeing that controversial post. Having a social media partner can lessen the chances of brand assassination. Regular monitoring of activities on your social media accounts can also provide an opportunity for more fan interaction. Your account is now one of your prized possessions, reason why you need someone to police unwanted activities especially during the busy hours.

Twitter Page Customization

Aside from Facebook, your Twitter account also deserves a makeover. Of course, consistency with your website design also counts. Wow your followers with a customized 1900 pixels background for your Twitter page. We give you three versions of Twitter backgrounds where you can choose from. Plus, revisions can be made on the spacing of the left and right columns of your background depending on your screen resolution.


Avatar Design

We also provide customization for Avatar design of your Twitter page. Avatar icon is the 50×50 image that appears beside your user name and on your every tweet.

Youtube Channel Creation and Customization

When your company has a lot to tell, you can maximize the use of the most popular video-sharing site. The truth is, while videos are very good tools to tell stories, your YouTube channel’s design can already speak about your organization. YouTube Page Customization will help your brand leave a unique feel in the eyes and hearts of your viewers. Now if you haven’t set up your own channel, we’ll do it for you.


Multimedia Creation

Need additional viewing materials? Fret no more! ICONCEPT will bring your ideas to a visual festivity of colors, shapes and patterns. We can create and upload additional video materials for you on a regular basis.


Cross Promotion and SEO

Because your YouTube channel needs to get seen by people, we can cross-promote your videos on your other social media accounts. For optimum exposure, we can apply search engine optimization techniques on your page such as keyword research and tagging.

Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are built on one foundation: your brand’s values. Your campaign has to be social so for you, we create social media campaigns that are tailored to the necessary platform for your industry, have in-depth target audience research, and are ultimately relatable and engaging to users because we believe that brands should put “social” back into social media.

Paid Ads Management

We meticulously allocate your budget to deploy paid advertisments on social media at the most opportune time when your target audiences are online and may be able to consume your content.

Community Building & Management

Social media is not only about the likers and followers anymore. We believe that it’s more personal than that—who those likers are makes the difference between a liker and a brand ambassador and influencer. We make sure we build the right community so you can send your message to the right channels.

Reports & Recommendations

What’s “in” today is going to literally be “so yesterday” tomorrow and that’s why we report all pertinent data and give recommendations and analysis on how to proceed with the campaign after weighing every pro and con.

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